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My thoughts on the real estate market in Thailand.

How to find luxury apartments in Bangkok

It is the desire of any man and woman to own a property in the real estate. Bangkok is one the places that have exclusive properties for sale. When looking for luxury apartments in Bangkok, it is very important to strategize ways that will help you to find exclusive properties.

Bangkok luxury apartments

The following are some of the ways on how to find luxury properties in Bangkok.

Visiting the place

It is important to visit Bangkok real estates when finding personal property. Touring the place will enable you to look at the properties for sale. It is wise to take notes on the place to arrive at the logic conclusion, in fact you can take photos of the properties for analysis purposes when you return back to your initial home .

Hire a broker to help you find luxury property

When finding personal property, it is advisable to hire a broker who is well conversant with the real estate properties. The broker will give you comprehensive guidelines on how to find an excellent property. He or she will also give you advice on the property prices to expect .

Consider the social amenities and infrastructure of the place

Social amenities like hospitals and schools are very important. It is therefore very paramount to consider the standards of the social amenities in the place you intend to buy your home as a personal property . It is also very important to consider the development of the infrastructure in the place you need to have luxury property. The place should have adequate water supply and classified roads.

The nature of the neighbours and security considerations

Neighbours are very important in life. When finding your luxurious apartment in Bangkok, it is very important to look for a place where friendly neighbors are present. The place you choose to buy your property should be well secured from potential thieves and terrorists.

For you to find your exclusive apartment in Bangkok easily and make the perfect decision, consider the above factors.

What to look out for when choosing a real estate agent in Bangkok

If you’ve recently arrived here in Bangkok and wish to rent an apartment, you may be looking for a real estate agent to help you with your research. There are many agencies all around town and especially in Asoke, Nana and Thong Lor you find dozens of them, but how do you choose the best experienced one to work with? Below are some things you should look out for, when choosing a real estate agent in Bangkok.

1 – Recommendations

Never will you go wrong with a good recommendation. If you have family members or friends who have used a specific agent before and had a pleasant experience, then this is a good reason to get in contact with the agent yourself. Let the agent know that you have received recommendations and they will ensure that all your expectations and requirements are met.

2 – Check Out the Agency Website

Ideally, a quality BKK real estate agent will have a great website that has a property portal, which allows you to view a list of properties, by using the search function. When you see a property you like online, make an inquiry to get to know an agent better. You’ll know if they are a good agent or not, depending on how quickly they respond to your inquiry or how they answer your questions.

3 – Read Their Reviews

The internet is full of reviews for any service or product you may wish to try. Reading reviews allow you to know how other people have been handled by that particular estate agent. However, there’re some biased reviews, but you can tell if a review is genuine or not. If the company has lots of bad reviews, move on to the next level!

4 – Settle for the Best Real Estate Agent

All real estate agents will be eager to get you on board with their company, whether they can accommodate all your needs or not. A reputable agent will be very knowledgeable. They won’t be the right agent for you if they aren’t able to answer all your questions. The best estate agent understands the local areas, and will allow you to provide your sound advice and information to help you make the right decision.

5 Reasons to buy a condo in Thailand this year

A number of property investments are available in Thailand for both citizens and non-citizens. One can either own land or a house but owning a land sometimes prove to be a bit difficult. Below are reasons why buying a condo this year remains to be the best investment in Thailand.


It is among the properties a foreigner can own fully in their own name. Yes there are legal procedures that when followed a non-Thai can own land, but buying a condo that is legally owned by a citizen is the most convenient option. In addition, it is very easy to sell a condo owned under foreign freehold to foreigners or Thai citizens.


Residents in a condo can come and go out without worrying about security. Houses are prone to theft if left open for quite some time but for condos security comes as a must. It is difficult for burglar to target condos because they are less visible to their prying eyes.

Investment return

It is guaranteed that you will get returns between 5-8% in the first three years of investment, at least in downtown Bangkok in areas like Sukhumvit and Siam. You may choose to use the house for own accommodation but also you can decide to rent it out. It does not matter how you use the house, altogether it is a great investment. As the property market expands, the prices of property too increase between 5%- 10 % each year.

Fully equipped

The number of amenities offered by a condo in Thailand are way much more than what is found in many townhouses or larger suburban developments. They have features like swimming pools, saunas, gyms, libraries and many more. They also have a common area with shops, schools and hospitals which are just a walking distance. The condo too comes with basic furniture and available also are complete furniture packages. All this contribute to your fine living.

Perfect holiday home

A condo is an investment you will fully enjoy as it gives you returns on your money.

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