A number of property investments are available in Thailand for both citizens and non-citizens. One can either own land or a house but owning a land sometimes prove to be a bit difficult. Below are reasons why buying a condo this year remains to be the best investment in Thailand.


It is among the properties a foreigner can own fully in their own name. Yes there are legal procedures that when followed a non-Thai can own land, but buying a condo that is legally owned by a citizen is the most convenient option. In addition, it is very easy to sell a condo owned under foreign freehold to foreigners or Thai citizens.


Residents in a condo can come and go out without worrying about security. Houses are prone to theft if left open for quite some time but for condos security comes as a must. It is difficult for burglar to target condos because they are less visible to their prying eyes.

Investment return

It is guaranteed that you will get returns between 5-8% in the first three years of investment, at least in downtown Bangkok in areas like Sukhumvit and Siam. You may choose to use the house for own accommodation but also you can decide to rent it out. It does not matter how you use the house, altogether it is a great investment. As the property market expands, the prices of property too increase between 5%- 10 % each year.

Fully equipped

The number of amenities offered by a condo in Thailand are way much more than what is found in many townhouses or larger suburban developments. They have features like swimming pools, saunas, gyms, libraries and many more. They also have a common area with shops, schools and hospitals which are just a walking distance. The condo too comes with basic furniture and available also are complete furniture packages. All this contribute to your fine living.

Perfect holiday home

A condo is an investment you will fully enjoy as it gives you returns on your money.